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Hi! My name is Andrea Green founder of the Give A Funeral, Inc. my parents unexpectedly passed away within 6 months of each other in 2019. As you can imagine it was a very hard time for my family. When I was at my dads’ grave side, I saw two pavers that were used for headstones with the deceased names written in sharpie. They looked like they had been there a while. When I saw this my heart sank. Being able to have a proper burial for my dad and cremation for my mom was closure for my family. As I started talking to funeral homes, I realized there was very limited monetary resources for families that cannot afford funeral cost.  So, with the support of my family, we decided to start this nonprofit to help families in need. My mom was a cancer nurse for over 30 years and active in Relay for Life. To see her passion to help cancer patients on a daily basis made me want to carry on her legacy. 

Honestly this is not something anyone wants to think about or talk about, at least our family didn’t. But can you imagine not having the money to properly bury/cremate your loved one?? If you would like to help provide for these families in their time of need please click on the donation tab every little bit helps. Your donation will be going to help a family in need and is tax deductible as the law allows. Our family has funded the fees for Give a Funeral, Inc. and will continue too. We believe in total transparency.

Thank you for your support and God bless!

The Green Family

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